Set Up A Shade Sail: Do It Yourself Or Hire An Expert?

To set up a shade sail is much easier than constructing a permanent shade structure. That is for sure. What’s more all you need is to drive right around to the closest big shop that sells furniture and accessories for the outdoors and then to the nearest hardware shop and in theory, you will have all you need for the set up of a shade sail. Many people choose this “do-it-yourself” method. However, before you get in your car and get on your way to buy a sail maybe you should consider calling a professional. Here is why:

The Advantages

First of all, picking the right sail isn’t as easy as it sounds. Even if you can pick the right colour to match your outdoor furniture or pool tile texture, that is not enough. You need the right shape, size, and material for your sail. You need to think of the wind, sun movement, design, anchor points strength and so on. A professional can help you with all of this. They save you a lot of time that you will otherwise spend on the internet researching how to properly set up the shade sail. What’s more is that they will make sure that your sail is not a hazard. After all, that is their job. They set up shade sails for whole car parks and for children playgrounds, so they really know what they are doing. 

After you have chosen the place for your sail and the size it should be, the time comes to think about designs. You can find a ton of pictures on the internet that will inspire you, but frankly, you need to figure out what design will suit you the best. The variables here are multiple. Professionals can consult you whether to choose a triangle or square shape for your specific outdoor area. What’s more, they will set up the whole thing for you. That means your sail will not sag, retain water or be too tightened. All of this happens often when people set up their sails alone. Greenline focus on providing outdoor areas (including schools) with sun protection with solutions such as a playground cover, click the link to learn more.

When it comes to material professionals can really be of use. They take all your needs into consideration and find the perfect sail for you. All you need to do is choose the colour you want. They will deliver the sail to your door. Find out more about shade for carparks at this shade sail structure specialist's website. What’s more most companies that provide consultation and also install the sail are also manufacturers, so there is no need to look at different firms and shops online and get a third party involved. 

Lastly, after they do their job, the experts will explain to you how to properly clean your sail, how and when you should put it down if you live a country where the climate requires it and so on. This advice will again save you a lot of time and will keep you from making mistakes and maybe even damaging and ruining your sail in the long-term. Learn more about you can get protection from the sun this Australian summer with Greenline's custom shade sails.

And the disadvantages?

The only real disadvantage when it comes down to hiring a special firm that specialises in shade sails is the extra money you will have to give away. However, when you consider all the time that you will save, work that you will skip and possible mistakes that the firm will help you avoid, you will not mind giving this extra money away. It is worth it and it will save you a lot of troubles.