Pros and Cons of Kitten Insurance

As much as we would like to think that our kittens will remain strong, healthy and happy forever, the truth is, life can have other plans for our beloved feline friends. Unfortunately, our kittens can get sick or suffer from any form of injury at times you least expect it. Veterinary bills could stack up. No pet owner should carry the burden of choice of going into debt or saving their feline friend’s precious life. Most people consider investing in pet health insurance or other forms of pet wellness plan in order to offset future costs. On the other hand, some think of insurance plans to be a waste of time and of course, money. Here are some of the pros and cons of getting a pet insurance and you have the choice to decide what is right for you and your kitten.


  • Pet insurance could offset all the cost of particular surgeries and other emergency procedures. Although it might seem to you like a drag to pay for an insurance company each month, the truth is, it could help offset all the cost of even an expensive surgery right down the line. You might also be happy that you start saving real soon.
  • Most pet insurance plans typically cover small procedures such as blood tests, office visits, and other minor fees. There are some who consider pet insurance as a frequent buyer program. This particular service requires you to pay a small fee each month so that you’ll get discounts on certain tiny in-office procedures.
  • Your job might cover your pet insurance. There are big companies that offer pet insurance to their employees. This is considered as one of the perks of their job. You may research whether your company is offering this at your work so that it would most likely help offset the cost.
  • Pet insurance can be cheaper for pet owners with 2 or more kittens. Most pet insurance companies offer lots of benefits to kitten owners who have more than 2 feline friends, visit this page for more information.


  • Some pet insurance plans do not cover your kitten’s pre-existing conditions.
  • Older pets might not receive the same coverage your younger pets do. This is the reason why most pet owners enrol their kittens as early as possible.
  • A certain breed of pets has less coverage than others. If your pet is more likely to have certain health issues such as hip dysplasia, you might not be able to be covered by certain pet health insurances.
  • Pet health insurance can be very expensive. No matter how much you slice it, pet insurance for your kitten can cost you the real amount. Some insurance companies require pet owners to pay out of their pockets at their veterinarian and send off the bill to the insurance company to claim reimbursement. Additionally, you might end up paying for your kitten’s monthly insurance but you will never have your kitten get into situations where they immediately need it.

It is important to realise that not all pet health insurance companies are created equal. If you are considering on getting that insurance plan for your kitten, just make sure to dig in deeper and carefully read their fine print. You may also ask for your local veterinarian’s advice before making that final decision. Nevertheless, we hope that your kitten will stay happy and healthy forever.