Creative Industry Lawyers

Creative industry lawyers cater to the vast number of clients who work in media, technology, creative arts and entertainment oriented businesses. They come up with the right creative solutions all within the boundary of the correct legal ability and ethics. Creative industry lawyers practice in the following areas.

Creative industry lawyers for entertainment law

The clients include media companies, producers, artists, performers, writers and publishers and distributors. These individuals may hire a creative industry lawyer for their own purpose of through an organization. The lawyers are well versed in field of intellectual property, copy writing, trademark and licensing. Any convergence or disruption in the entertainment industry is dealt by creative industry lawyers. They provide services like licensing of content, investing agreements, coproducing agreements, distribution agreement, personal management, personal financial management and so on.

Creative industry lawyers for fashion law

There are certain aspects of the fashion industry which would need the legal help of a fashion lawyer. They help protect their clients from intellectual property infringement, distribution and franchising issues ad even offer support for any legal or financial issues which might arise.

The lawyers help in developing a legally sound infrastructure which would help support their clients in the fashion industry. They even provide advice regarding unfair competition, confidentiality issues and protecting ones designs from counterfeit products.

Services include everything from brand portfolio protection to domestic and international trademark registration and everything in between.

Social media lawyers

There are definitely some risks associated with marketing ones products on social media and the inter net. Trademark lawyers specialise in providing their clients with the right kind of legal advice to help deal with counterfeit issues, intellectual property infringement and trademark and licensing issues as well. They help companies’ develop the right kind of practices for selling their wares on social media. They help facilitate co-branding ventures with social media platforms.

Music Law

Clients include musicians, agents and event organisers and all those individuals who deal with national and international musical events and competitions. They may help resolve disputes in area like tours, promotions and any sorts of endorsements. Services includes personal contracts, merchandising agreements, coaching agreements and management and promotion agreements. Visit Studio Legal's site to get more information on their entertainment lawyers.

Things to keep in mind when hiring creative industry lawyers

It should be kept in mind that when you are looking to hire someone in the creative industry they must possess some knowhow of the creative industry as well. Not all lawyers practice creative law. It’s a specialty which is only relegated to very few law firms. Always choose someone who has the necessary experience in dealing with creativity law. If you have the chance you could ask around in your immediate circle. If there is someone who has hired a lawyer to help them with their intellectual property issues you could get the necessary information from them as well. The internet is a great way of finding out more about a particular lawyer. Once you have shortlisted two or three law firms it’s time to decide which one you should actually go to for help.

For more information on creative industry lawyers, make sure you contact Studio Legal.